Certifications:  Assistant Instructor I Instructor I Head Instructor I Master Instructor

CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR Quiz / Certification                                                Patch w/ Certificate

There is also a classroom portion (step 2 below). Please see your instructor.

Prerequisite: Must currently be an active Black Belt in the program UNTN, USAT, or Kukki.

If you fail quiz: You can take the test as many times as you wish.

Step 1.
TAE KWON DO INSTRUCTOR Certification (On-line Portion)

Although we have other tests and the ability to give you "instant remediation "or "instant answer check and remedy"...this test is not that way. Your answers are submitted to the school and we email you results. You must score 80% or better to receive an Instructor Certification. You will receive your Certificate within 2 weeks of successfully completing the On-line Quiz and Classroom Quiz.


Step 2.
TAE KWON DO INSTRUCTOR Certification (Classroom Portion)              

You will need to be able to teach all of the Color Belt Poomsae to receive the Instructors Certification. Your instructor will contact the school once you have proven you can teach all all of the Color Belt Poomsae . You must have the On-Line Portion complete to proceed to classroom testing and to receive the Instructor Certification.

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1. What does Tae kwon Do Mean?

2. What is the Meaning of your Belt?

3. What are the meanings for the color/gyup belts?                                     Clue: Belt Meanings   


4. The Tae Kwon Do Doctrine consists of the following: Respect, Modesty, Self-Control, Perserverance, and Confidence. (True or False)
Pages 1&2      

5. You do not need to let the instructor know if you will be missing a class. (True or False)   
                                                                                      Clue: Pages 1&2   

6. WTF means:

7. Taekwondo's roots are more than 1900 years old.                                    Clue: Pages 3&4                                                             

8. A portion of the Jido Kwan symbol means Body over Mind.                        Clue: Pages 5&6

9. Upon completion of all Palwe Forms...the left leg returns to Joombee or Paro

10. There are 2 Kyups in all Palgwe forms.

11. Your tae Kwon Do Uniform is called a Kobuda.                                      Clue: Pages 7&8

12. Your tae Kwon Do School (training area) is called a Dojo.                       Clue: Pages 7&8

13. The white portion of the Korean Flag (South Korea) represents the sky over Korea.                            
                                                                                     Clue: Pages 7&8

14. The Korean term defending or blocking is Maniki.                                 Clue: Pages 9&10

15. There are 9 belt levels prior to Red Belt w/ 2 stripes.                        Clue: Belt Meanings

16. I will be able to count to 20 in Korean.                                       Clue: Korean Count

17. I will know/remember all the Palgwe Meanings.           Clue: Color Belt Poomse Information

18 The headquarters for the WTF is in North Korea. 
                Clue:    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Taekwondo_Federation  

19. The Kukkiwon is in North Korea.                     Clue:     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kukkiwon   

20. In Sept of 1991 the Goodwill Games, Inc. adopted Taekwondo as an official sport of the 3rd
 Goodwill Games.
                       Clue: http://www.wtf.org/wtf_eng/site/about_wtf/history.html

21. TKD became an olympic Demonstration Sport in 1998.    
       Clue: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taekwondo_at_the_Summer_Olympics 

22. I will be able tie a belt properly on another student.          

23. I will be able lead the class during basics (kicking, punching, etc..          

24. I will be able to teach all 8 color belt Poomsae (Forms) in class.         


Questions or concerns email:  info@untn.org